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If you have enjoyed any of these posts or photos please consider a small donation. I have put all my savings into this trip and it has cost a huge amount. If you would like to contribute any amount I will use the donations to replace worn-out kit, steal a night off the boat in a hotel or airbnb at my next port or maybe just raise a glass of cold beer to you.

I have also chosen to raise funds for the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation ( GHOF is an international marine and ocean consecration charity. See their website for the awesome projects they have underway. .

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Resigning from a job you love is never easy, not least when you're off to sail the world and you're not sure when you'll be back. As a former manager at Estera Trust (Cayman) Limited, I have to give a great shout out to my former employer for encouraging me to take part in the Clipper Round the World Race. With the genuine and heartfelt encouragement I received, I can firmly say this is a great organisation with fantastic values and great management.

I just hope they might have me back next year!

Peripheral LIfe & STyle 

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Just add your sunglasses, and my profile (from the individuals page) to your basket and then checkout. They will donate 50% to my charity funding. Isn't that awesome!

Peripheral is a great organisation whose sole aim is to make dreams come true! Whether that is by supporting athletes or groups to fund their adventures or by directly sponsoring and fundraising for charitable causes they are driven to help others succeed. 


This great company produces some of the best ultra-sailing equipment out there. Thanks to their generousity, I've received a great discount on the best offshore sailing gear.


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Special thanks must go to the epic skills of Sophie Prior who created this entire website. Sophie quickly got to grips with what I needed and gave me more than I could have possibly imagined. If you need professional and on-point brand consulting services, look no further.

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