The End - Thanks and Praise

Post Race…..Blues?

So it’s been a good long while since the race finished. What have I been up to? You won’t be particularly interested Im sure. Certainly not as exciting.

I stayed in the UK to complete my Yachtmaster offshore exam, did some sailing in Cowes week. Caught up with a lot of friends in London. Moved back out to Cayman and took the old job back - big thanks to Estera for having me back.

It has been awesome being back in Cayman, getting to catch up with everyone. I guess Cayman isn’t a particularly hard place to come to after such an adventure as there is a lot of adventure to be had here. Sailing, free diving, fishing, scuba, paddle boarding, coaching, getting fit again, 

I am still being asked a lot of questions about the race. I love it. It lets me relive it time and time again. I really don’t get bored of it. Sitting in front of a computer day in and day out has been hard after a year off. Still trying to remember how to do certain things that I thought were rote memory, like how to switch the damn thing on!

One of the main questions I get asked is “would you do it again?”. I would always quote my friend Ine (RTW on Nasdaq) who had the best response, “I wouldn’t do it again. But I would definitely do it again for the first time”. As in, I am so glad I did it, not a single regret, but I couldn’t do the same race with the same team on the same boat again. Would I go round the world again? Yes certainly. If the right opportunity arose - a fast boat, the Volvo Ocean Race, slow relaxed cruising on my own boat with all the time in the world - but these are pipe dreams. 

But that was then. Now 5 months later and I miss it. I’ve had some time off. I could do it again. Maybe I should apply for the Mate role! Maybe I should apply for Skipper! Who knows! Next post on this blog may well be the start of the next campaign…..but don’t hold your breath.

Thank Yous

I would like to say a few quick thanks.

Firstly to all of you who actually read this. I thought it would just be family and a few weird friends (JT and JCon) but the amount of messages, emails and post race comments I have had really have made it worth while and I’m so glad you were interested but also gave me a bit of confidence to keep writing it.

Thanks to the Clipper Race office, maintenance team and PR team. You lot were both great friends around the race and made the race the epic event it was. Cheers.

Thanks of course to Elliot Brown for the ambassadorship. Provided a lot of laughs on the boat and I love my watches.

Thanks to JR and Peripheral sunglasses. Great boat sunglasses. Affordable, fairly robust (well robust enough for ocean racing just not robust enough for smashing between head and bulkhead). Along with Peripheral we were able to raise a couple fo grand for the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. Cayman crowd check them out and buy them.

Thanks to all the friends I made. Total legends.

Thanks to the Liverpool 2018 crew for one hell of a year and to our circumnavigators who were my surrogate family during this time. We will always be bonded, I know its a cliche but now I understand why. 

Thanks to Lance. My skipper. You taught me so much and will forever be one of the biggest influences on my sailing. We had a ton of laughs and I hope there will be more sailing together in the future. But mostly thank you for getting me and the rest of the crew around safely (especially considering I was meant to be the medic) and in such good spirits and camaraderie. You really know how to skipper a boat.

Thanks of course to the fam jam who were pretty damn supportive and encouraging.

Liverpool 2018 no photo.jpg