Leg 0 - Get packing

Here is the kit I am taking for the next year of sailing. I am limited to 20Kgs but this doesn't include my foul weather gear, sailing boots, dry suit or sleeping bag. 

I made a little video to illustrate the kit and quick demo of "getting ready for a day in the southern ocean i.e. the works. 

Special thanks to Peripheral for all the sunglasses. These are light, tough, plastic framed, polarized sunglasses perfect for sailing. Thanks to Zhik for a discount on the boots. Thanks to Musto for helping with almost all the kit. Thanks to Elliot Brown for an indestructible watch.

So far the items I am most excited about are listed below:

- Musto waterproof, fleece lined, peaked cap - this is warm, dry and you can keep the ear flaps out the way if you need to hear what is going on. If the hood on your jacket is up the peak helps to move the hood with your head.

- Musto dry suit - no chance to wear it yet and I have certainly haven't mastered getting it on and off but I think this will be little cocoon.

- Musto fleece mid layer.

- Fishing/Driving gloves - waterproof and warm for cold nights on the helm.

I will let you know what works and what doesn't once I have gone through the range of temperatures from equator to southern ocean,