Leg 0 - Boat Tour

I have had a lot of questions about the boat itself. Here is a video tour for you all.


  • Tony Castro design specifically for Clipper. FRP construction.
  • 70ft long, 18.6ft wide, a 95ft mast and just short of a 10ft draft with a 12-ton keel.
  •  Stripped down racing boat with 24 bunks - no cabins, no doors on the bathrooms, no showers.
  • Top speed in the last race - 33 knots.


This video starts at the front (bow) and works backwards. There is a large sail and rope locker going back into the galley and saloon towards the accommodation area (aka the ghetto because of the smell) and finally at the very back is the navigation station.

As we will be using some of the more forward bunks for storage there won't be enough bunks for all of the crew at any one time so we will be hot bunking - when one person gets out to go on the deck their "bunk buddy" comes off deck and climbs in.


Lots of winches. Lots of ropes, sheets, lines, halyards. And a couple of grinding pedestals to power the winches. Not a lot of protection from spray and waves other than the high sides of the boat. Clipper operating procedure is for lifejackets to be worn at all times on deck and for all crew to be tethered to the boat in anything above 15 knots of breeze.