Leg 0 - Leopard 3 Delivery

I had an awesome opportunity to join Leopard 3 and her crew to make the delivery from Antigua to Bermuda ahead of the the America's Cup and Bermuda Superyacht Regatta as a warm up for the Clipper Race.

Leopard 3 is a 100ft carbon fibre racing machine and will easily better true wind speed in racing mode. With a mainsail the size of a tennis court, a canting keel and all hydraulic powered winches, I had never sailed anything like it and it was insane. 

We had very light winds to start but once we got cracking it was dreamy sailing. There is no other feeling like it - surfing across 4ft swell with the wind at 120T in beautiful sunshine and bright blue water - this is what they call champagne sailing. Short video below